Subspecies? 30 Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is the world’s first virtual singer created by CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA in 2007 based on Yamaha’s VOCALOID series of speech synthesis programs. The derivative image of the conceptual Hatsune Miku is referred to as “subspecies”.

In short, similar to the meaning of “secondary creation” and “tertiary creation”, subspecies is the imitation of VOCALOID series drawn by the fans themselves. The Hatsune prototype is called the “formula”, and the formula is derived from ever-changing possibilities. These subspecies images are further enriched and altered under the interpretation of the fan and cosplays.

Cosplay is a form of role-playing developed by comic fan culture, a growing sub-cultural phenomenon around the globe. Since birth, Cosplay has been questioned for its strong commercial intent, and even more for its influence on intellectual property and pornography trends. But mainly in its ability to holster community in spaces where human interactions are all but non-existent. In overcrowded cities, where anxiety stuck humans spend more and more of their waking hours in front of screens rather than with peers. These fans are able to meet and interacts online, and eventually gather in person, where they’re in costume. When the party gathers, the fans are participating in the same fictional world, dressed as characters. They collaborate around common obsession, and they all become others. In this shooting, 30 cosers portray their favorite Hatsune image – they are fangirls and fanboys, the subspecies, and the idol themselves.

Lenticular Printing on Acrylic board/ 120×73.5/ 2021

Digital Print on Ultra-Smooth Fine Art Paper,Aluminum Mount/ 120.5×82.6cm/ 2021

田地艺术中心展览现场 Installation View on Field Art Center,2020

初音未来(初音ミク/Hatsune Miku),是 2007 年由 CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA 以 Yamaha 的 VOCALOID 系列语音合成程序为基础开发的音源库,塑造的一位虚拟歌姬偶像。初音未来的衍生形象,被称为“亚种” 简单来说,意同“二次创作”和“三次创作”,是广大网友自己画出的仿 vocaloid 系列,由于是同人形 象,至今初音已经有数百个不同的亚种形象,角色包括性转换,服装、体型变化等,还有亚种角色的再 二次创作。 Cosplay 是一种由漫画迷的同人文化发展出的角色扮演形式,一般二次元漫画爱好者们往往在互联网论 坛或群组上结识,地狱,职业,年龄,收入等社会身份完全不同的人,如浮萍一般被对同一部作品的热 爱以及自我创作的欲望聚集。而 Cosplay 这样的线下活动形式使这群本不必见面的人“组织”并“行动” 起来,在现实中交流见面,聚会时形形色色的人打扮成了同一部作品中的角色,在彼时彼刻,她们扮演 了共同迷恋的对象,都“入戏”成了另一个人。在此次拍摄中,30 个 coser 扮演了自己心目中最喜欢的 初音形象,此刻他们是迷妹和谜弟,是亚种,也是偶像本身。