Nailhenge 甲天下

Nailhenge: About Ye Funa’s Solo Exhibition

Fu Xiaodong

Since 2014, Ye Funa began to convene “Curated Nail” in the name of “exhibitionist”. In the past two years, she collected more than 150 artists’ deliveries and engaged in the creation. With the temporary and mutative nail as the carrier of art program and in the manner of the bodily natural growth to transform the everyday life, she attempted to criticize the traditional museum exhibition. Among the past two years, various art institutions of various city invited “Nail Plan”. As a result, 24 on-site activities was completed. The exhibition “Nailhenge: Ye funa’s solo Exhibition” at Space Station this time, which assembled a set of installations, paintings and literatures, is a large-scale summary of “Curated Nail”.

Nail polishing, or painting, is a self-beautification and decoration of the body; as a part of daily life of female, it is a mark of the artificial reforming of the natural extremities of the body. As the ancient practice of body aesthetics, then, how Ye convert it into a modern political shape of the right to life?

Nail decoration is one of the oldest customs of China. The earliest gold and silver nail-sheath that unearthed in the ruins of Zhou Dynasty is a symbol of wealth and power. They shown the classy lifestyle of the aristocratic women. As the old saying goes, “It was my own parents who created and endowed my body in the form of skin covered with hairs.” Having long hair and fingernail reflected the image of Confucian ideas. During the Warring States, there are kinds of incredible customs such as burial with nails, nail incineration for treatment and so on. As a part of the body’s metabolism, nails were attached to lovesick, avatars, spiritualism and other witchcraft meanings. “Compendium of Materia Medica” argued that nails are the end of soft tissue. Therefore, according the condition of nails, the doctor can diagnose disease of Qi-blood and liver-blood…



从2014年开始,叶甫纳以“展示癖”的名义开始进行“指甲计划”的召集。在两年中,征集了150多位艺术家投递方案,参与创作。以暂时的、流动性的指甲作为艺术方案的载体,以随身携带的自然生长的方式改造日常生活,对传统美术馆的展览机制进行批判和实验。“指甲计划”在两年之中,被不同城市的艺术机构邀请,完成 24次现场活动。这次在空间站展出的“甲天下——叶甫纳个展”集合装置、绘画、文献,是规模庞大的“指甲计划”的总结展。涂指甲是女性的一种日常生活化的自我身体的美化与装饰,是自然身体延伸的末端之上进行人为改造的痕迹。做为古而有之的身体实践美学,叶甫纳如何将其转化为具有现代性的生命权利的政治塑造?


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