Flying Dance

“Flying Dance” was made by artist during a residency program at Berlin last year. It is the first part of “Self-fiction” series. This project included photographs, archive, and a 30 minute video. Artist plays various female roles that based on and appropriated from Chinese TV shows. The concept for this work combined a reproduced an episode “Virtual Advanturals”of Legal Report as well as a part of The First Intimate Contact (1999) which was a very first Chinese online fiction. Adopted the screen recording from a video game the Sims and video footages which made by the artist. “Flying Dance” brings up questions to identity and gender issues, as well as represents and recall memories after the initial stage of internet and virtual dating.

Briefe aus dem Gefängnis -Flying Dance

Video/ 32″41’/2017

Flying Dance No.1

C print photography/ 36x 60cm/2017

Flying Dance No.2

C print photography/ 36x 60cm/2017


Installation views:

“Alternative Cinema”,©Metro Pictures,New York,2017

Photo by Fang Zheng   ©Cosmopolis # 1.5, Chengdu, 2018

Flow Out, ©BİLSART, Istanbul, 2019