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Exhibitionist:PeeP Stream

The purpose of Exhibitionist Series is to break the boundary of “daily display” and ”art exhibition”, and to reduce the distance between the public and contemporary art. People’s desire to display is everywhere: selfie, moment in wechat, and the most extreme form: peep stream. The desire of exposing and peeping, the visual expression and the textual feedback are so obvious here. This live room parasitizes online, and becomes the way of displaying and self-expressing for new generation.

Exhibitionist: peep stream” is a performance program initiated by artist Funa Ye and Bei Ou, and takes place online regularly. On each episode, the artists and participants will do live performance, and the viewer could do real-time interaction with the performer by popping message and sending gift icon. All the interaction on web page will be considered as the record and analysis of the performance. The time and topic of each episode will be released in advance, while the content will be confidential until the shows start. The follower will be informed with the link shortly before the show.

It is a unique form of performance, other than common performance art, online show or TV show. It uses the special effect of video and the interacting and inflated performance, to make unexpected situation, and thus cause suspense. It relies on watching and participating a lot.

It cold outside, pls come in.




“展示癖:直播计划”由艺术家叶甫纳, 北鸥发起,是一个在网络直播平台上定期发生的表演项目。每期节目中,艺术家和参与者将进行现场表演,观者可在直播时段与通过弹幕留言和发送礼物表情和表演者进行实时互动。直播间页面的所有现场互动将被视为表演的一部分纪录和分析。每期表演将提前发布时间和主题,内容将严格保密,表演开始前,关注者会得到观看的相关通道。


Poster of each Episode:

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